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Contadora Island Panama

Contadora is now an unavoidable tourist  destination when visiting Panama.


Contadora Island is located just 40  kilometers from the city of Panama in the historic Pearl Islands favorite  getaway of pirates and merchants who exploited the riches of the new world, the  pearls were obtained in these crystalline waters and then counted and then sent  to Europe this is where Contadora Island gets it named. Contadora it’s the  place to count in Spanish.


Currently Contadora Island offers a  beautiful natural landscape with sunshine throughout the year which blends the  best of nature with beautiful architecture, houses of the rich and famous who  have been captivated by the incredible beauty that resides in these beautiful  clear waters of the Pacific of Panama.


The tourist infrastructure on the island is  limited. Its white sand beaches have very little human density which makes them  so special, visitors often feel like paradise owners specially when they don’t  see anyone else passing through the beaches of the island.


The television series Survivor from CBS  chose the Pearl Islands as his base of operations to produce three seasons  being Contadora Island the main island.


The island has 11 beaches, 5 of them are  the most popular and easy to explore these are Playa Cacique, Playa Larga,  Playa lassuecas (the nude beach), Executive and Galleon Beach (SEE TOUR 360 of  these beaches) all these beaches have unique characteristics that make them  different and special to each other, I think that should visit all there white  sand and clear waters invite you to discover the uniqueness of each of them.


Contadora can be explored in many ways,  walking, in a golf cart or boat all are highly recommended in every way  Contadora shows in a small portion of land so many different scenarios, the  island has a length of 1.4 km the streets are mostly paved and very secure the  traffic is almost inexistence and the few vehicles and golf carts that go on  the island are very cautious.


You can walk to all the beaches of the  island easily in a day, at low tide you can walk around the whole island but at  high tide some of the beaches disappear make sure to bring water, sunscreen and  a camera.


The rent a golf cart has the advantage that  you can visit all the beaches and choose the one you like to relax or practice  any activity like snorkeling Playa Larga and Playa Cacique are great places for  this activity. In Villa Romantica you can get snorkeling gear.


And finally one of the most unique ways to  explore Contadora is in a boat not only you get to know all the beaches but  exploring the sea is unique. Villa Romantica has a boat with a glass bottom  where you can explore the rich sea around the island observe multiple fish  turtles and stingrays and many other specimens these boat trips usually allow  us to observe whales and visit some of the neighboring islands.


In Contadora you can purchase a variety of  products, the island has three mini-markets open from 7am to 8pm you can get  most things you may might need. The island also has a clinic and a small police  office, public phone and you can find free WIFI zones as in the Hotel Villa  Romantica.


Villa Romantica invites you to explore the  Pearl Islands. If you come to Contadora consider us your new friends on the  island is a pleasure to exposeand share this beautiful  place with you.

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  • Theresa

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